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Choose from the selection of suggested topics to cover during your session.

Data Transfer – Do you need information moved from your old device to your new one? Let us show you how to transfer contacts, pictures and more.

Contacts/Calendar/Notes – This session is perfect for business owners or anybody on-the-go who wants to stay organized with their people places and things.

Facebook/Social Media – How to create a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat account and set up your mobile Facebook app including Facebook Messenger on your phone/tablet.

Text Messaging – How to compose and reply to regular text messages, group messages, and picture/video messages.

Email – How to sign-up for an email account and set it up to send and receive on your phone/tablet.

Applications/Games – How to download applications/games from the App Store (iPhone/iPad) and Play Store (Android), remove unwanted applications, and more.

Personalization – How to create/choose personal ringtones for individual contacts, set home screen and lock screen wallpapers, and more.

Device Settings – How to make your screen stay on longer, increase text size, change brightness, etc. This is perfect for improving how long your battery lasts!

Apple ID/Google Account – How to create one of the ‘essential’ accounts your device needs to download apps and back up your data (contacts, pictures, etc.)

Music – How to move songs from your device to your computer and vice-versa, how to download songs on your device, and how to use the music apps.

Camera – How to use the Camera app (zoom, change lighting, burst/slow-motion shots) and how to crop photos to share with friends on Facebook or via texting.

Bluetooth/Smart TV – Learn how to pair your device with your Bluetooth headset, wireless headphones, car stereo, Chromecast/Roku/Apple TV/Xbox One and any other eligible connected devices.

Navigation – If you like to travel or need to use GPS for your job, this is your session. Learn how to have your phone read aloud turn-by-turn navigation while you drive!

Finance – This covers how to ‘pay with your phone’ through Apple Pay/Android Pay and how to enable mobile banking (Must be supported by your bank/card)

Do you have a topic you want to learn about that isn’t on this list? On the ‘Contact Us‘ page you can submit additional topics and request Extended or Advanced lessons for your specific needs.